Anita & Jonathan

How does a twin find their soulmate? By choosing another twin, of course!

At least that’s the case when it comes to Anita Hrapkowicz and Jonathan Ruta.

Marrone Films was recommended to Anita and Jonathan by another couple we’ve worked with in the past (Melissa and Daniele Simeone). “We chose Marrone Films because we were impressed by the quality of their work,” said Jonathan, “We had a lot of fun with the crew the day of our wedding. They made us feel so comfortable and made us laugh. They treated us as their friends. We truly felt that they worked well as a team and they had good communication with us and between each other.”

Anita and Jonathan chose to have both their photos and video captured by us. Our photo and video teams work together seamlessly and with complementary styles, guaranteeing the very best photo and video opportunities throughout your wedding day.

Marrone offers Same-Day and Next-Day Edits.   A Same-Day Edit is a special entertainment feature for you and your wedding guests, as it premieres live on a big screen at your wedding reception. The  Next-Day Edit  is a Marrone signature recap, delivered to you within 1-3 days of your big day. Anita and Jonathan added a Next-Day Edit to their package. Here is a sneak peak of their wedding day featured in a Marrone Minute:

“We were on our way to Hawaii for our honeymoon and when we landed in LAX, we got a message that our next-day edit was ready! The WIFI was so slow at the airport so we kept having to stop the video until it loaded. It was so funny, because we kept trying to walk around trying to find the best connection in the airport. When we were finally able to watch it, we loved it so much. We arrived at the hotel and watched it over and over again, and every day after that! We shared it with our friends and family and got so many compliments.”

~ Anita Hrapkowicz, Bride, 2016 ~

Our newlyweds returned from their Hawaiian Honeymoon sun-kissed and all smiles, ready to choose their photo album. They really loved the glass cover that Pete suggested. When they previewed their full-length wedding film we were happy to accommodate their special requests. We understand how important it is to have this keepsake be just right.

“We made some requests to change scenes from version 1. And then we made a few more requests in version 2. Version 3 was perfect and it was exactly what we wanted. It’s just perfect! They made all the changes we wanted… We loved working with you and we will (and have already!) recommend you to all our friends and family members that will get married! You are very talented!”

~ Jonathan Ruta, Groom, 2016 ~

They may have started off as “Facebook-Lovers,” but once they met face-to-face Anita and Jonathan never looked back. Ten years together already, each other’s first and only boyfriend/girlfriend, and self-proclaimed as best buds who love to laugh together — these two, without a doubt, will stand the test of time.