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Crafting authentic films about family and furniture

Marrone Films, the creative powerhouse, had the delightful opportunity to collaborate with Dutailier, a proud Canadian company renowned for their meticulously handcrafted glider chairs and modern nursery furniture. This partnership brought to life a series of promotional videos and a captivating commercial, shining a spotlight on Dutailier's commitment to quality and their transition from nursery to living room.

The entire production, from conceptualization to execution, was expertly handled by Marrone Films. Tanya Rembacz, the producer at Marrone Films highlighted the significance of a direct business-to-business collaboration. "We loved to have the opportunity to work with Dutailier directly, business to business," she shared. "By enabling a company to work directly with us, it makes the communication process more efficient and cost-effective."

What truly sets Marrone Films apart is their dedication to becoming an extension of the companies they work with, fully immersing themselves in the brand's ethos and vision. Tanya emphasized this approach by stating, "We put ourselves in their shoes and work together to achieve the common goal – create a beautiful video that speaks to the viewer on an emotional level and informs them at the same time." This level of dedication and understanding becomes the bedrock of a successful collaboration.

Marrone Films' deep-rooted family business values resonated profoundly with Dutailier, creating a strong connection between the two entities. This shared appreciation for the significance of family business helped solidify Dutailier's decision to partner with Marrone Films.

Creativity was unleashed as Marrone Films and Dutailier embarked on the journey of bringing the commercial's storyline to life. The collaborative process was paramount, working hand in hand to shape the company's vision for this production. Dutailier's objective was to showcase the versatility and durability of their glider chairs, emphasizing their seamless transition from the nursery to the living room. The challenge was to convey these aspects while keeping the commercial engaging and entertaining for the viewers.

The concept that emerged was a brilliant reflection of the creation and assembly of a glider chair paralleling the journey of pregnancy and the preparations for the arrival of a baby. "It was a great feeling to be able to utilize all of Dutailier's vision in the story," shared Marrone's Rick Marrone.

To bring this creative vision to life, a charming home in old Montreal served as the backdrop. With Dutailier's invaluable support, rooms were curated with their exquisite furniture, transforming the space into a picturesque setting. Actors were enlisted to take on the roles of the expectant parents, and for a brief time, real newborn babies graced the set, adding a touch of authenticity.

Marrone Films' talented crew was composed of dedicated professionals, including Riccardo as the Director of Photography (DoP) and Director, accompanied by a set assistant, production manager, lighting technician, camera assistant, and a hair and makeup artist. The lean and efficient team ensured that the shoot flowed seamlessly in the cozy apartment, where space constraints necessitated the use of portable and versatile equipment.

In addition to the compelling commercial, Marrone Films also crafted several promotional videos that delved into the heart and soul of Dutailier – their craft, their dedication, and their products. Rick Marrone concisely underlined the importance of such videos in the modern world, explaining, "In today’s world, consumers are very visual and also prefer to feel a connection to the company they are buying from. Video really helps achieve that, as it allows the consumer to see behind-the-scenes and connect to what a company is all about."

The collaboration between Marrone Films and Dutailier not only brought their outstanding products to life but also established a deep connection between the company and its audience, showcasing the heart and artistry behind each piece of furniture. This partnership exemplifies the power of visual storytelling and the beauty of collaborative efforts. It's a testament to the magic that unfolds when creative minds come together to share a brand's story with the world.


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