Elisabetta & Derek

Elisabetta and Derek are anything but predictable, and neither was their wedding day. “We wanted elegant and glamorous, while still showing our fun personalities,” said the groom; and every detail of their big day did just that! They went all-out with the planning and decor, and Marrone Films was there to capture all the unique and memorable personal touches in photos and video:

“I went to school with my good friend Christina. One evening, she came to class and showed me her best friend’s wedding video. I cried at how beautiful it was. I had never even met the couple, but felt I knew a little bit about them just from their wedding film/teaser. I knew then that if I ever got married – Marrone was going to capture my special day.”

~ Elisabetta Treta, Bride, 2017

One could tell the festivities were underway way before you even got to the church. Guests were welcomed by the music of bagpipes that could be heard from blocks away — a way the couple incorporated Liz’s Scottish heritage. As you took in the awe inspiring Neo-Gothic artistic and architectural style of St-Viateur d’Outremont you could not escape the excited energy of the twenty-or-so Kindergarten students that lined the pews, waiting patiently for their teacher “Miss Elizabeth” to walk down the aisle. Liz took on her students’ excitement as she was dancing and jumping up-and-down throughout the ceremony. LOL!

Lizzie and Derek had a vision of the style of wedding photos they were looking for, and we were happy to find them the ideal locations for their shots. 

“Marrone was great at choosing the locations for the type of urban photos we were looking for. The road closures and traffic were making things difficult but the team worked with the limo drivers to put together a plan for getting around the city and it all worked out perfectly.”

~ Derek Sargent, Groom, 2017

Plaza Volare was adorned with pink, gold, rose golds, and a touch of baseball! Derek threw a baseball rather than Liz’s garter…he loves baseball, but not as much as Liz though!

A noteworthy moment was a surprise planned by Derek and Liz’s bridesmaids. Derek had the words “Forever and Ever” sewn into Liz’s wedding dress:

“It is a saying we have for each other and our relationship. The Marrone team were very accommodating, and made sure that this reveal was captured as the girls asked me to find it on the dress.”

~ Elisabetta Treta, Bride, 2017

Liz’s university friend sang her rendition of “What a Wonderful World” for the parents dance… a special memory we will all remember.

“We had so much fun all day long. A day like that gives you such faith and hope for good in the world. If we can do this, we can do anything. I feel like I have super strength now! Does every bride have this feeling? Our wedding day will always be special to us. I think it sets the tone for what is to come: lots of fun and good times.”

 ~ Elisabetta Treta, Bride, 2017

Liz, we really hope every bride does feel that way.

We wish many, many good times to this super couple!