Lina & Ara

On their very first date (a blind date at that), Lina and Ara spent over an hour searching for Ara’s car in the ginormous parking lot of Zyara Restaurant. Luckily, these two have a great sense of humor, because instead of cursing and tears this lead to uncontrollable laughter — well except for the tears Lina had from walking endlessly in circles while wearing 3-inch heels – Ouch! Poor Lina!

This crazy first date adventure eventually lead to them embarking on the crazy adventure of becoming Mr. and Mrs. Lina and Ara as they tied the knot on October 31, 2015.

“When my sister Lucy and I were still single, we would watch Marrone’s short clips, tear up sharing the happiness of complete strangers lol, and vow that when we each met the man of our dreams and got married, Badger Photography would be the one capturing our moments, and Marrone would be the one documenting it all! Years later, I married Ara from Badger Photography, and Rick and the whole team were there, making my dream come true (yes, Lucy got Marrone too!!!)

” ~ Lina, Bride, 2015 ~

Love at first sight and a wedding to die for. Congrats you two lovebirds!

Watch Lina and Ara’s Marrone Minute. A Marrone minute captures the main highlights of your big day,  sweet as ever and quick as a minute!