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Panier du Fermier

Delivering fresh content that appeals to the senses

Farm fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to your doorstep, that’s what Panier Du Fermier promises. It’s healthy, convenient and only $35 for the basket. We hadn’t heard about them until the pandemic hit and now we can’t imagine life without them.

When we received our first basket, our creative instincts went into overdrive as we instantly saw the potential to create fun simple videos for their brand.

With the growing popularity of reels, Panier was not only delivering fresh baskets every week but now they were also delivering fresh content every week.

“It was truly a pleasure working with Marrone films. Their professionalism, creativity and expertise are second to none.”

~ Julia, Panier Du Fermier


Each video featured a different item in that week’s panier. From crisp spicy chile peppers to sweet juicy watermelon, we created engaging video content that appeals to the senses.

Chile Peppers


By using tricks like stop motion and special probe lenses we were able to get so close to the produce you could almost taste them. An example of this was a video we created featuring Dole pineapples.


The Panier Du Fermier Team attests that the best way to enhance your social media presence and engage your audience is through video. Julia recounts how the videos created for Panier Du Fermier “added much colour & vivacity to our social media platforms - they were greatly appreciated by our clientele.”

Our creative video content incorporates different artistic techniques so the viewer is drawn into the brand and feels inspired. By creating a regular video campaign you cultivate a relationship with the viewers and connect with them.

Reels and Stories are also a great way of informing clients of new products or services being offered. Panier Du Fermier for example also offers specialty products like imported olive oil that we featured in our corn on the cob video.

Corn on the Cob

Odds are you’ve either ordered their products or seen our videos and if you’re lucky enough you’ve experienced both. If you haven’t you’re in for a treat, check out these videos below and try out Panier Du Fermier!


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