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Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

A Visual Journey through Educational Excellence.

The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board (SWLSB), as the third-largest English school board in the province of Québec, plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape for students in the regions of Laval, Lanaudière, and Laurentides. With a diverse student population exceeding 14,000 individuals spanning elementary schools, high schools, Adult Education and Vocational Training centers, and business training services, SWLSB is deeply committed to fostering a culture of success, happiness, and well-being.

At the heart of their mission lies a resolute dedication to providing an engaging and innovative learning environment where every student can achieve success and well-being. SWLSB firmly believes that students should not only attain academic excellence but also be happy, confident, and engaged throughout their educational journey. This holistic approach to education sets the stage for a thriving educational experience.

An indispensable part of this educational ecosystem is the exceptional team of teachers and school professionals. These individuals are not merely educators; they are passionate, knowledgeable, caring, and innovative mentors who create inclusive and stimulating learning environments where young minds can flourish. It is their unwavering commitment to the needs and aspirations of every learner that sets SWLSB apart.

In today's world, where parents and students embark on the journey of selecting the right educational institution, videos have emerged as powerful tools to aid this decision-making process. While in-person visits are invaluable, they may not always provide a comprehensive understanding of all that a school has to offer. That's where a well-crafted video comes into play, offering a glimpse into the ethos, culture, and environment of the educational institution.

Recognizing the importance of video content in conveying their story and engaging prospective students and parents, SWLSB turned to Marrone Films for a collaborative venture. Together they crafted an inspiring video that would vividly portray their mission. The concept was simple yet impactful: follow the journeys of three students as they transition from elementary school to high school, capturing the spirit of growth and development. 

The collaboration between SWLSB and Marrone Films commenced with meticulous planning, including scriptwriting and storyboarding to ensure clarity in the video's narrative. This groundwork was instrumental in obtaining approvals and facilitating smooth shooting processes. Real students from the School Board were cast, with a keen eye for individuals who could convincingly portray themselves at different stages of their educational journey.

Filming took place over two days at Rosemere High School and McCaig Elementary School, often during school hours. This called for intricate organization and coordination, ensuring minimal disruption to the ongoing classes. The enthusiastic cooperation of both staff and students eased the filming process, while a well-structured script and schedule ensured the achievement of each scene as planned.

Once the filming concluded, the real magic happened in the editing room. Every element seamlessly fell into place, bringing the video to life. A distinctive touch was added by incorporating the voice of local Radio personality and Rosemere High School alumni, Kelly Alexander, for the English narration, infusing the video with a genuine local connection. The deliverables were in English and French and multiple shorter versions tailored for social media were also created.

In an era where the content we consume deeply influences our perceptions and decisions, video content for schools holds profound significance. Recognizing this impact, Marrone Films partnered with SWLSB to create a video that encapsulated the ethos and spirit of the school board, playing a pivotal role in helping students and parents connect with the institution on a more personal level. Marrone Films, with its expertise and commitment, offers a wide array of video services for schools at every level. They understand the importance of visual storytelling in today's world and are dedicated to helping educational institutions share their stories, values, and vision with the world.

“Marrone Films has been a reliable partner in our various promotional video projects. They have met our timelines effectively and the quality of their work has been excellent”

Maxeen Jolin

Communications Coordinator


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