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Crafting Sustainable Stories with Wicanders Wise

In an era when sustainability is at the forefront of many businesses and product strategies, companies are striving to create environmentally friendly products that contribute to a greener planet. Marrone Films shares this belief and is committed to spreading the message of sustainability through the power of storytelling. Their recent project with Wicanders Wise cork flooring is a testament to their dedication to creating impactful narratives.

When John Kocemba, the Marketing strategist of COPP Net Zero, approached Marrone Films with a mission to produce a video for an eco-friendly flooring product, Marrone Films eagerly embraced the opportunity. COPP Net Zero, a company specializing in products for environmentally conscious architects and designers, was entrusted with a significant task by Amorim Wise, the world's largest producer of cork wine stoppers and floors based in Portugal. The mission was to create a marketing campaign with a promotional video as its core, to be seen by audiences in 60 countries worldwide.

"I was reviewing the work of several international film producers, and Marrone’s work spoke volumes. When speaking to Riccardo, he understood what we were trying to create and we decided that he would be a valuable collaborator and producer of this film. Trust is important to me, and Riccardo's transparency and capacity to respond were invaluable to me," said John, highlighting the importance of a strong partnership.

Riccardo Marrone, Marrone Films, Video Production, Montreal

The focus of the video was to create a lifestyle piece with a cinematic, emotional perspective rather than a typical corporate video. The star of the show was Wicanders Wise cork flooring, a product designed to mimic the look and feel of wood floors while offering exceptional softness, waterproofing, stain resistance, and a commitment to the environment.

Riccardo Marrone, Marrone Films, Video Production, Montreal

"The goal of this video is to inspire and inform consumers and designers looking for beautiful, sustainable, high-performance alternatives to high-carbon, PVC-based flooring," John explained. The narrative was to focus on an eco-conscious family spending a weekend in a cottage equipped with cork flooring, subtly and indirectly showcasing the product through their family-centered activities.

Julian Garofalo, Marrone Films, Video Production, Montreal

Marrone Films took on the entire production process, from scripting and storyboarding to location scouting, casting, shooting, and editing. The script, crafted by Riccardo, was developed with the concept of having a narrator voice it, emphasizing the importance of injecting emotion into the storytelling.

Riccardo Marrone, Marrone Films, Video Production, Montreal

Riccardo Marrone, Marrone Films, Video Production, Montreal

Riccardo Marrone, Marrone Films, Video Production, Montreal

Riccardo Marrone, Marrone Films, Video Production, Montreal

"Flooring is not an exciting product to look at. However, when put in the context of a beautiful home or framed as an attractive solution to global warming, the floor's appeal increases dramatically," John emphasized, highlighting the role of emotion in connecting with the audience.

Riccardo Marrone, Marrone Films, Video Production, Montreal

The choice of location was crucial, and a beautiful vacation rental in La Conception, Quebec, near Mont-Tremblant, was selected. However, the property did not have Cork flooring, so a temporary installation was required, which the owner graciously allowed.

Casting the right actors for the project was the next significant step. After conducting a casting call, they were fortunate to find a young family with the right chemistry. Jessie Tardif, cast as the mother, had previously worked with Marrone Films on a TV commercial for SmartSilk. Daniel Torelli was selected as the father, an aspiring actor and model who won us over with his charming looks. Finally, there was Adrianna Batsoulis, who portrayed the artistic and playful daughter, despite having no prior acting experience. This was her first time doing anything like this.

Riccardo Marrone, Marrone Films, Video Production, Montreal

Adrianna shared her excitement about the experience, expressing, "Being on set for the first time was amazing, and I felt like a movie star." Her genuine enthusiasm added a unique spark to the production, making it evident that dreams were coming true for this budding talent. Furthermore, she spoke fondly of her collaboration with Riccardo and Julian, stating, "Working with Riccardo and Julian was exciting and fun. They were super nice and made me feel very comfortable." This camaraderie not only enhanced the on-screen dynamics but also created a supportive environment for Adrianna to thrive in her newfound role.

Riccardo Marrone, Marrone Films, Video Production, Montreal

In reflecting on her journey, Adrianna remarked, "I always talk about how I would love to be in a movie. I got to experience a real set, which is how movies are made, and that was the greatest experience I've ever felt." Her words capture the essence of the magical transformation that occurs behind the scenes, turning aspirations into tangible moments of cinematic delight. Adrianna's debut on the set became a testament to the enchanting power of filmmaking and the joy it brings to those who step into its mesmerizing world.

Riccardo Marrone, Marrone Films, Video Production, Montreal

With location and actors secured, the rest of the production fell into place. The Marrone Films crew, led by Riccardo as the Director of Photography and Julian Garofalo as the director, executed the project with precision. Despite the challenges of a one-day shoot, the crew, including two camera assistants and a gaffer, managed to set up camera and lighting gear in multiple rooms of the house.

"We had a great time. Riccardo and his crew were exceptionally professional, helpful, and effective. They pleasantly surprised me," John noted, highlighting the dedication of the Marrone Films team.

Julian Garofalo, Marrone Films, Video Production, Montreal

One of the challenges faced was adapting to unexpected weather conditions on the day of the shoot. With rain in the forecast and the first scheduled shot outdoors, the team quickly adjusted the schedule to begin shooting indoors. The makeup artist, Laura Moneta, ensured that the actors' looks were easily modified to suit the new locations.

Laura Moneta

The video was shot using a Sony A7s3 and the Atomos Ninja to record Pro Res RAW, allowing for precise color control in post-production. A production monitor was available for crew and actors to view live shots and replays, ensuring that the flooring was showcased optimally.

The production incorporated various filming equipment, including a 6-foot elevated dolly system on rails, a 4-foot automated slider on apple boxes, a fixed tripod, and a gimbal used to reveal the main living space. The focus was on capturing visually stunning footage that evoked emotion while staying true to the story.

Riccardo Marrone, Marrone Films, Video Production, Montreal

Jessie and Daniel delivered professional performances, but it was Adrianna who shined like a star during the more than 12-hour shoot. Her energy and creativity proved invaluable in bringing the script to life, contributing fresh ideas that enhanced the authenticity of the video.

Riccardo Marrone, Marrone Films, Video Production, Montreal

The production was a success, and the crew managed to wrap up just in time before darkness fell. The flooring crew was on-site the next day to uninstall the temporary floors and restore the property to its original condition. By this point, the footage had been captured and logged, with the deadline for delivery approaching.

Even after the initial production, the script continued to evolve due to last-minute requests from Amorim executives. This led to the scheduling of a shoot for pickup shots, specifically close-ups of the floors, adding more finishes that were not available during the main shoot. Adrianna once again played a crucial role in these scenes, which were filmed in a warehouse with a limited floor area.

The modular script allowed for seamless integration of new scenes without affecting the overall look or continuity of the video. With minimal revisions to the edit, the video maintained a clear and solid direction from the beginning, resulting in a final edit delivered just three weeks after filming.

The video made its debut at an international conference in Europe, offering Wicanders Wise sales teams across the globe a powerful sales tool to showcase online and in their showrooms to and to use in their marketing efforts.

This project emphasizes the effectiveness of narrative, cinematic videos in engaging the emotions of potential customers. These videos resonate more profoundly with viewers than traditional, product-centric corporate videos. Marrone Films, with its keen understanding of a company's vision and the ability to translate it into a compelling story, stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in promoting sustainability and eco-friendly products.

"Riccardo is hands-on, multi-talented, and a professional. If you know what you are looking for, Riccardo will get you there," John affirmed, emphasizing the importance of a dedicated and skilled production team in achieving a company's vision.

Riccardo Marrone, Marrone Films, Video Production, Montreal

This collaboration between COPP Net Zero, Marrone Films, and Amorim Wise serves as a powerful example of how a captivating narrative can drive awareness and demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products. The message is clear: the future of promotion lies in the hands of those who can tell a compelling story.

Set Photography by Alvaro Diaz

Photo Editing by Tanya Rembacz


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