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Mito Sushi

Marrone Films delivers a visually enticing TV commercial for MITO Sushi, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the MITO Group, a prominent name in the sushi and Poke bowl scene in Québec. The commercial revolves around a woman's delightful journey savoring MITO sushi – from her visit to the grocery store at IGA to enjoying it at work, on the go, and with friends. The concept, thoughtfully defined, comes to life through Marrone's creative lens, capturing the essence of the MITO experience.

For an insider's look into the production process and behind-the-scenes moments, we invite you to explore our blog, where you'll find exclusive insights and captivating behind-the-scenes photos that capture the creative energy and dedication invested in bringing this concept to life.

Learn more about Mito Sushi by visiting:

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