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Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

Motion Graphics
When it comes to video marketing campaigns, motion graphics, also known as motion design, play an important role in increasing engagement for today’s audiences. These 2D or 3D digital animations visualize your message in a creative space, and bring your otherwise static images to life. Motion graphics can be used for explainer videos, logo creations, text, charts or any graphic illustrations.

Visual Effects 
Visual effects, also called VFX or CGI is the process of digitally manipulating a shot in post production. As filmmakers, this allows us to enhance our visuals by creating elements that are difficult or impossible to film in real-life. Although these effects are typically associated with blockbuster movies, we incorporate VFX in almost every video we produce. It can be as simple as skin smoothing, removing a sign in the background or adding an element like snow in the foreground. They can also be more complex, like adding life-like elements to a scene such as trees, water, animals or people. A very common use of visual effects is compositing, whereby with the use of a green screen, our VFX artists combine elements from different shots and merge them into one cohesive shot. We also love incorporating stop-motion in our product videos, which is a concept of capturing hundreds, sometimes thousands of still shots and animate objects in a fun ways. 

Motion Graphics and Visual effects in video are proven to hook your audience's attention. They’ll make shots more interesting to watch and add more value to the overall viewing experience. Give your marketing campaign that extra competitive edge and add a little bit of movie magic to your next video production!

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