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Understanding your brand

Marrone Films is a full-service, Montreal-based video production house with all the capabilities that entails. Even before pre-production, our work begins by understanding your brand and the message you want to convey. This cohesiveness lays the foundation from which your story is visualized and brought to life by our creative team.  


Whether we’re creating a promotional film or a corporate video for your product or service, Marrone Films offers solutions for every stage of video production, and will help guide you from concept to creation. 

The creative core

We’re built around a fixed creative core –  the Director of Photography (DoP) –  around which all other functions revolve, are added on to, or are removed as required. In budgetary terms, that makes your video ambitions entirely achievable. And because the DoP is the heart of every production, the quality of our shooting and visual storytelling is consistently spectacular.

On set

From permits to props, there are lots of moving parts in any production. The advantage of working with our turn-key production team means you can rest assured we’ve got everything covered. Our crew maintains the highest level of professionalism and makes no exceptions when it comes to safety precautions, and they do it all with the utmost positive attitude. But our standards don’t stop there. 


With a versatile arsenal of professional camera gear and the ability to shoot in a multitude of formats and resolutions of up to 12K; we can record, edit, and deliver to any medium from Instagram to IMAX.

Making the cut

Now it’s our editors turn to get creative! Post Production begins when the footage is transferred, logged and organized. At this point, sequences are built, and scene by scene the movie magic comes to life.


Once we have a rough cut, other elements like coloring and sound are added.  At this stage, you’re also invited to provide feedback through our interactive review process. Once the edit is approved, features like visual effects, music and voiceover are seamlessly integrated, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the video. Last but not least, the director makes the final touches and ensures that the emotions and the messages in the narrative align perfectly with the goals of your campaign.  

Taking flight

Although your edit may be final, its possibilities are still endless. The sky’s the limit when it comes to Social Media. From Instagram, to youtube, Facebook and TikTok, video Marketing has proven to be a strategy that brings businesses the best ROI. Through strategic planning, placement and optimization, your video can give your business the wings needed to soar to new heights. 


"a natural born talent"

"Creative minds like Riccardo are very hard to come by in this day and age, but Riccardo is a natural born talent and leader, dedicated and willing to do whatever it took to bring our brand to life. We are grateful for his contributions to Luxury Retreats."

- Joe Poulin,
Luxury Retreats

imagination has no boundaries

What we offer

Marrone Films pre-production icon.png


Concept Development
Script Writing
Location Scouting
Budget Planning
Travel & Accommodations
Set Designer  
Wardrobe Stylist 

Marrone Films Camera icon.png


Director, DoP
Camera Operator
Lighting Technician
Production Manager
Sound Technician
Script Supervisor
Gaffer, Grip, Set Assistant
Data Wrangler
Certified Drone Pilot
Set Photographer
Hair & Makeup Artist

Marrone Films editing icon.png


Video Editor
Visual Effects
3D Animation
Music Licensing
Voice Talent

Sound Editing


Closed Captioning
Music Composition
Color Grading
Broadcast formatting

support 2.png


24/7 Customer Support 

Social Media Marketing

Personalized Training

Video Strategy



Online Hosting

Project Storage 


Open Project Service

Content Management

film & video restoration

Revive your old films and relive those family memories with our high-quality digital transfers of your 8mm films, VHS and camcorder tapes as well as many other analog formats.


Before your films and tapes deteriorate, future proof your memories on USB, hard drive or the cloud. 

Video Transfers

"a valued colleague and friend"

"Mina Martini hired Marrone Films for the first time in 2006 for a logistically-impossible video mandate that they pulled off like real pros! Rick did not let me down then, and now 16 years and numerous video productions later, I can attest to the very high quality of Rick as a reliable, passionate and talented cinematographer, but also as a valued colleague and friend."

- Dominique Kennan,

Mina Martini

Viewers retain 95%
of a message when they watch it
in a video
compared to 10% when reading it in text.

"We could not have had a better experience"

“Marrone Films is creative, extremely efficient and delivers quickly. They adapted so well and so easily to capture our industry. We could not have had a better experience with videography for our business. We were so well guided throughout the whole process, they took care of everything. I highly recommend their service.”

– Joseph Mantagaris,

21st Century Foods

Film Set

ARE YOU ready TO

With the latest tech, a wide range of services and an extensive roster of talented video professionals,

we’re ready to collaborate

with you.

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