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AS LAVAL Unveiling Excellence

AS LAVAL 2024-2025 Jersey Reveal

Despite a surprise snowstorm, AS LAVAL and its sponsors, including BMW Laval, Diadora, Desjardins, and Divco, gathered for a special night at BMW Laval for the highly anticipated AS Laval jersey reveal! Marrone Films was entrusted to capture this event and creatively showcase their new uniforms.

Ivana Mormina, the General Manager for AS Laval, warmly welcomed everyone, emphasizing how "the unveiling of a new jersey is a significant moment, breathing new life into the club and instilling pride in its players." She went on to highlight the pivotal role of teamwork, acknowledging the dedication of every member involved, from the players on the field to the staff members working tirelessly behind the scenes. Ivana continued, stating, “Our educators and coaches, who guide and mentor our players, are the driving force behind the club's success. Their commitment and dedication to our club’s plans and projects contribute greatly to the achievements of our teams.”

As the colors and design were unveiled, it was a moment of pride for the players, who wear the jersey with honor and determination on the field. Through Marrone's lens, the essence of AS LAVAL's spirit was captured, serving as a reminder of the club's unwavering dedication to the sport, its community and stood as a symbol of the club's commitment to soccer excellence in Québec and Canada.

Under Riccardo Marrone's direction, two action sequences were created for the event highlight film. The first built anticipation with low-angle footwork, highlighting player skills without revealing the jerseys. In the second sequence, the full roster was unveiled, passing the ball throughout the BMW Laval showroom. “It was important for me to make sure every player had their spotlight in a way that made sense, so we ended up shooting a lot of alternate plays and solo shots, this way I had options in the edit,” said Riccardo. “Knowing the main audience was on social media, it was key for the scenes to be quick and high impact,” he added. 

When asked about the results of the event video Ivana stated “It was a pleasure to work with Tanya and Rick on the creation of the video for our event. Rick’s vision was spot on and fun; capturing the essence of our event and of our club.”

An exceptional highlight reel connects with audiences across social platforms and immerses viewers, making them feel as if they're right there in the action. Marrone Films is also a proud sponsor of AS Laval, aligning with the club's mission to be an innovative leader and a force in the Canadian soccer landscape. 

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*Photos courtesy of AS Laval


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