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Riccardo Marrone Inspires Future Filmmakers

A Storyboarding Masterclass at Trebas Institute.

In the spring of 2023, Trebas Institute, a renowned Canadian institution fostering talent in film, audio, business, technology, music, and event management, reached out to Riccardo Marrone. The request was simple yet significant – would he be interested in hosting a lecture at their Montreal campus? Without hesitation, Riccardo embraced the opportunity, eager to share their wealth of experience with aspiring professionals.

The presentation focused on a key element of Riccardo's creative process: storyboarding. Known for integrating storyboards into nearly every project, he emphasized, "For me, everything starts with a storyboard. Whether it’s a product video, commercial, or any type of video, I most often create a storyboard for it.”

Demo comparing storyboard shots and actual shots filmed.

As Riccardo shared the story of his career journey, he delved into the pivotal role storyboarding played, especially during the challenges presented by the pandemic. Facing the impact on business, Riccardo and his partner Tanya Rembacz shifted their creative focus to food videos. During the lecture, they showcased the versatility of storyboards, using them to gain concept approval and underscoring their significance in streamlining time and resource management on set.

"Time is money," he stressed, highlighting how storyboards offer a tangible visualization of the video before filming begins. They become a bridge between script and execution, aiding communication with clients and ensuring a smooth workflow on set. Riccardo even shared his personal approach, sometimes incorporating music and narration to gauge timing.

Addressing concerns about artistic ability, he reassured students, "Don’t get intimidated if you can’t draw, most of my storyboards are very rough, like stick figures and basic shapes"

The presentation went beyond technical details, as Riccardo openly talked about challenges in the industry and offered perspectives on working either independently or as part of a team on significant projects.

Jim Constantopoulos, Campus Director, expressed his gratitude, stating, "It’s very special when professionals like Riccardo and Tanya take the time from their busy schedule to share their experiences and knowledge with our current students that are looking ahead to carve a path in the industry."

Building on the spirit of mentorship, Riccardo concluded the workshop by introducing a storyboard contest to inspire creativity. The students were encouraged to participate and draw storyboards based on a grocery item, the cucumber. The winner, Simon Reeves, crafted a compelling storyboard featuring an infinite cucumber loop. Riccardo stated  "It was great to see the students' eagerness to share their creativity, and it's truly inspiring to see new talent contributing to the continuous growth of this industry."

Contest Winner - Simon Reeves

In essence, Riccardo’s lecture at Trebas Institute wasn't just a masterclass in storyboarding; it was a testament to the invaluable mentorship they offered to the next generation of filmmakers, guiding them toward a path of creativity, resilience, and success in the dynamic world of filmmaking.


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