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Love At First Bite

A couple's moving story about becoming BeaverTails® Mobile Franchisees

In the pursuit of expanding their international franchises, BeaverTails ® reached out to Marrone Films to capture one of their success stories, that blossomed into a love story, of mobile franchisees, Beth and Greg Lingar, from Arkansas, USA.

Bentonville, renowned as the birthplace of Walmart, hosts its lively First Friday event every month in its charming town square. People gather from all around for a huge family-friendly block party, complete with games, live music, and tantalizing foods to sample from the many food vendors.

Beth and Greg, BeaverTails® Mobile franchisees based in Fayetteville, AR, head to Bentonville for First Fridays to share the deliciousness of BeaverTails pastries. It's a rewarding journey, stretching from sunrise to sunset. Beth says, “We love to travel and be out on the road, meeting new people, seeing familiar faces, and bringing the BeaverTails experience wherever we go.” She continued, "What I really love about being a BeaverTails franchisee is making people happy every time they come to our window."

Tanya Rembacz, Producer at Marrone Films, recalls, "My favorite moments were capturing people eagerly awaiting their first bite of a BeaverTails pastry, the happiness they expressed is palpable."  She fondly recalls her first experience tasting a Killaloe Sunrise, while skating on the Rideau Canal.  "For me, BeaverTails evokes a nostalgic feeling, bringing me back to that memory every time,  and our goal was to express that emotion through our video footage."

Creating special moments that make lifelong memories is how BeaverTails® came to be one of Canada’s national culinary icons. For Beth and Greg, being BeaverTails® franchisees is more than just a job; it's a passion-driven lifestyle. This “tail of love” began back in 2016 when they renewed their wedding vows at Niagara Falls, Canada, and stumbled upon a BeaverTails® pastry pop-up. It was love at first bite! As Greg puts it "The world is missing out if they haven’t tried BeaverTails pastries." From that moment on, Greg and Beth became passionate BeaverTails® franchisees, bringing the iconic Canadian pastries to people across the United States.

Scott Reid, BeaverTails® Director of Development explained “Our company's focus for International development is the US, so we felt we needed a communication piece that spoke to US candidates specifically given that our brand is much more well known in Canada.” Scott continued “not only did the video deliver on the brief outline, but it was able to go a step further and deliver a tone and emotionality not expected.” recognizing that Beth and Greg’s love story was something they wanted to share with the world. 

Rick Marrone, founder of Marrone Films and Director of the production, shares his insight on the project, emphasizing the importance of infusing corporate videos with a human touch. He stated, “I was drawn to Beth and Greg's story, seeing it as a love story not only between Beth and Greg, but also between the couple and BeaverTails. It's a testament to the fact that behind every successful business are passionate individuals who make it special."

Beth & Greg and the team at BeaverTails® were thrilled with the final result, describing the video as "beyond excellent." Beth commended Rick and Tanya for their professionalism and vision, recalling how they effortlessly captured the essence of their story, making the entire process seamless and enjoyable.

Tina Serrao, Creative Director at BeaverTails®, highlights how “experiencing a BeaverTails mobile or food truck can be pretty magical.” She further emphasizes that, “Capturing the faces, the laughter, and pure pleasure of some of those moments, was important to us as a brand.” Video has the ability to convey these authentic experiences and becomes a powerful marketing tool that deeply engages viewers, making them feel connected to the brand on a personal level.

Scott concluded by stating, “Nothing can deliver a message quite like a well-done video.” Tanya echoed this sentiment, adding, "video is the best way to communicate your message, however Rick’s artistry at crafting cinematic films, meticulously pieced together, with creative flair and seamless storytelling sets him apart. His films are timeless, captivating audiences and propelling brands and companies to greater success.”

As BeaverTails® aptly puts it, life's journey isn't always straightforward; it's messy, adventurous, and delicious. But amidst the chaos, there's beauty in savouring every moment and creating memories that last a lifetime. Beth and Greg's story is an ode to the sweetness of life and the power of video marketing to share stories that inspire and connect with people around the world.

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