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Relive the magic of the 50's at the iconic Ritz-Carlton Montreal Grand Prix Party

The Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix marks the official kickoff of summer in Montreal, and the energy in the city is palpable. On June 7th, at the heart of the festivities, the iconic Ritz-Carlton Montreal hosted one of the most highly anticipated social events of the year. This year’s theme had guests swinging to the tunes of the golden era.

"The 1950s were my favorite era," said Rick Marrone, Director at Marrone Films. “I wanted to make sure we captured iconic shots that would evoke a nostalgic feeling.” Having filmed the Grand Prix Party at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal for the past five years, Riccardo has witnessed the transformation of each event. “I am continually impressed by how immersive they make every theme," he continued. "The Ritz isn’t just planning a party, they create experiences for guests, and it's important for me that everyone watching this video is also immersed in the whole experience.”

Year after year, the Ritz-Carlton Grand Prix parties come to life through the efforts of Katia Piccolino, Director of Sales & Marketing at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal, and Madeleine Kojakian, Luxury Event Producer at Maddy K Events.  Together with their dream team, they curated an unforgettable experience for guests with retro-chic décor, classic cars, and 50s-themed entertainment, food, and drinks. Everyone was in character, from the doorman and bar staff to the servers and performers.  “I especially loved the Jukeboxes from Tyler’s Jukebox Emporium and neon signs from Something Neon. They really added to the ambiance,” said Rick.

And best of all, it was for a good cause. Proceeds from the event were donated to the Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation, which is dedicated to improving mental healthcare in Canada.

Anyone looking to bring awareness to their brand or cause will find Grand Prix weekend in Montreal offers peak exposure due to the influx of people in town. Formula 1 fans and drivers eagerly anticipate the race at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, a track known for its challenging layout just minutes from downtown Montreal. “We wanted to integrate the racetrack into our film to create a closer connection between the race and the Ritz. By showcasing drone footage from Île Notre-Dame soaring over La Grande Roue and leading to the Ritz-Carlton, we offer an aerial view of our vibrant city,” said Tanya Rembacz, Producer at Marrone Films.

“We wanted the intro to feel like a time capsule,” said Rick. “A 50s radio announcer set the stage, and the classic cars provided by John Scotti offered an organic transition from the vintage car radio to the party.”

“Editing the F1 video is always a race against the clock.” Rick says with a grin. “We stayed up all night piecing it together, aiming for a 24-hour turnaround for the first preview. The biggest challenge is sorting and selecting the footage. The edit must be perfectly balanced, incorporating creative shots, branded sponsors, great performances, and, of course, the people, who bring the energy and make the party come alive. Once completed, Katia and Maddy preview the film and help fine-tune it to perfection.”

Tanya notes that “Rick dedicates countless hours to editing his projects, giving each film a cinematic touch.” Rick adds, “Sound design is an important element to the films I produce. I incorporated sound effects throughout the video to enhance each scene subtly and recorded a custom guitar track to complement the Beatles and Elvis footage, giving it a rock-and-roll vibe.”

Rick emphasized, “Working with us is always a collaboration. Whether it’s an event film or a commercial shoot, the Marrone team is all in. We become an extension of the brand we’re working with, aiming to create content that leaves a lasting impression on viewers. In marketing, where video takes pole position, it's crucial that, like an F1 car, video content is finely tuned, delivered fast and has the ability to captivate the crowd.”

“It’s all in the details,” Tanya added, “Anyone who couldn't be there can feel like they were part of the magic through the reel we created.” she continued “it also serves as an incredible sales tool for the Ritz to promote next year’s event.” In 2023 the theme for the F1 party was  Havana Nights, and using that video The Ritz-Carlton held an Instagram contest to create engagement for this year's event which generated almost 400K views. 

Video is the most powerful way to connect with people, and by approaching it as an art form rather than just a medium, the result will captivate audiences. Relive the magic of the iconic Ritz-Carlton Grand Prix Party through Marrone’s lens. 

Special thanks to our video crew: Rick Marrone, John Marrone, Julian Garofalo, Masa Suzuki and Luc Robida.

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