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Sad Eyes

An epic music video set in a dystopian world

Brigitte Pace is a talented Montreal artist, and Singer Songwriter. When writing her single “Sad Eyes” she was inspired by the famous quote “the eyes are the windows to your soul.” Brigitte said “Sad eyes is a beautiful song about living with sadness and paralyzing fears. It's also about Hope and Awakening to your truth. It's about becoming conscious and finding the fight through your self-doubts, freeing yourself and living your most authentic life.”

When Brigitte and life partner / producer Albe approached us to film the music video for Sad Eyes we were inspired by the emotion in her lyrics. Because of the pandemic, it made it difficult to meet in person. But that didn’t interfere with our instant connection.

“We had a few Zoom meetings to discuss what we had in mind for the video and exchanged ideas. Rick is a team player ready to go with the flow.”

~Brigitte Pace

After a couple brainstorming sessions we created a storyboard for the song, found the perfect locations and everything else fell into place.

“We went with Rick because we wanted a professional, someone who is creative and Innovative. Rick is known for his cinematic film quality and that's what we were looking for and he did not disappoint.”

~Brigitte Pace

Once we were all in agreement for the direction of the video, it was only a few short days later that the cast and crew were on set.

“It was early December, in the middle of a pandemic, but Rick and his team followed all the Covid protocols to keep the cast and crew safe.”

It was important for us to bring out the theme of the video with the right locations and aesthetics,

“We created such a dystopian vibe, almost apocalyptic. Riccardo captured all the big money shots that were necessary to create an epic music video.”

~Brigitte Pace

Behind the scenes footage from "Sad Eyes"

Once filming was wrapped, we had a tight deadline for releasing the video, just a few short weeks. Brigitte and Albe were very involved throughout the process especially during the editing, where it was a team effort to bring the story together. With heavy 4k footage to process and assemble, we had to be quick on selecting the right shots and putting it all together.

“Riccardo was organized when it came down to the timeline and sequencing for the editing. He knew what we wanted and achieved our vision.”

~Brigitte Pace

When the song was released the positive feedback was overwhelming and it connected with audiences around the world and Brigitte attributed much of its success to the music video.

“It's important to create a music video because it gives another perspective to the song. We are stimulated by our senses and if we can create a connection visually as well for the song then we muster more feelings for the listener.”

~Brigitte Pace

With a background in music, our DoP Riccardo is always excited to collaborate with new artists and musicians.

If you have a passion for music and would like to produce a music video for yourself, we want to hear from you!

Take a look at our music video portfolio and check out some other amazing artists we've worked with!


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