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The Foundation Cup

Former Olympians and NHL Alumnae face off for a great cause.

In the heart of Montreal, on April 19, 2024, the Bell Centre radiated with an energy that transcended the boundaries of sportsmanship. It wasn't just about hockey; it was about a cause—a profound commitment to philanthropy and community upliftment. This was The Foundation Cup, a collaborative effort between two impactful foundations: The Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation and The Véro & Louis Foundation

Former olympians, NHL alumni and generous sponsors took to the ice raising net proceeds of $150,000! Marrone Films, renowned for their expertise in cinematic event filmmaking, worked closely with the Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation to artistically capture the essence of this remarkable day. The result? A captivating film that resonated with audiences far and wide. Within just 24 hours, the Instagram reel reached over 50,000 views—a testament to its power to inspire.

"The entire experience was exhilarating, especially considering how quickly everything unfolded," reminisces Riccardo Marrone, Creative Director at Marrone Films. "The Barry Lorenzetti Foundation team had this event timed to the minute. From entering the garage to filming in the locker rooms and capturing B-roll of the Bell Centre, we were on a tight schedule." Reflecting on the day he continues, "Filming sports, especially hockey, presents a unique set of challenges. One of the obstacles was shooting through the plexiglass; if we weren't shooting through an opening we had to do a lot of coloring to reduce its effect." 

Riccardo emphasizes the need for anticipation in capturing the action, saying, "When the puck goes from one player to another, you almost need to predict where the gameplay is headed and anticipate every shot." Riccardo added "We filmed at a higher frame rate to enable us to slow down the footage, and for most shots we used long lenses so we could get in tighter on the players." Riccardo acknowledges the invaluable support of his team, noting, "I was assisted by Luc and Masa, who provided additional angles and b-roll footage. Their footage was integral to the success of the project.”

Sharing his favorite moments, Riccardo recounts, "I really enjoyed being on the ice and filming players up close, especially during the pre-game introductions. I could sense the energy and excitement in the rink!”

In his studio, Riccardo composed a custom introduction to emphasize the beat of the song and build suspense. His seamless integration of the announcer, Michel Lacroix, and Brittany Kennel’s rendition of the national anthem, evoked an awe-inspiring feeling. The soundtrack was further enhanced by immersive sound effects from skates carving into the ice to the puck rebounding off the boards, Riccardo added the sounds of the game for every scene to fully immerse the viewer. Riccardo recounts "sound is a vital storytelling tool, and for the Foundation Cup, we aimed to ensure that every auditory aspect enhanced the event's emotional impact," explains Riccardo. "We strategically incorporated sound effects to enrich the viewer's experience and foster a deeper connection to the cause. It's all about crafting a multi-sensory journey that immerses the audience in the heart of the action, leaving a lasting impression."

"Collaborating with organizations like The Barry Lorenzetti Foundation that allow us artistic freedom in our work, provides the opportunity to create films that exceed even our own expectations," explains Riccardo Marrone. This creative liberty is pivotal for video producers, as it enables them to infuse their unique artistic vision and expertise into projects and achieve more authentic, impactful, and memorable  results. 

As the final buzzer echoed through the Bell Centre, the legacy of the Foundation Cup resonated far beyond the confines of the ice. More than documenting the day's triumphs, this video serves as an inspiration uniting communities in compassion and commitment for years to come.  “Rick Marrone is not only a consummate professional, he is an artist who is at the top of his game! We have been working with Rick for over a year now, and are extremely proud to have him as a partner!' remarked Susan Dabrowski, Chief of Staff to Barry F. Lorenzetti, reflecting the sentiments expressed by many involved."

To learn more about The Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation and The Véro & Louis Foundation, visit their websites:

Foundation Cup Sponsors


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